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Buying or Selling a Restaurant or looking for another  existing location, we at Transworld Business Brokers, Restaurant Sales Division can help make your RESTAURANT  the talk of Miami. From intimate dining rooms to lounges and bars, taverns, nightclubs, pizzerias,  cafeterias and associated  food and beverage related businesses,  specialize in Restaurants for Sale in Miami and Florida. We can find  the perfect  space for your Restaurant. No Restaurant  is too big or too small. When is time to Buy or Sell a Restaurant contact your professional RESTAURANT BROKER.  Selling Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs and any Food & Beverage related Businesses IS our  Business

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Restaurants for Sale

Broward Pasta & Pizza $ 145K

Pizzeria for Sale, Italian Restaurant for Sell, We sell Pizzerias, Sell your restaurant,  bizbarsell

Listing 350-879198

Location:  Ft Lauderdale

Capacity : 32

Rent: $ 4720

Sq ft: 1200


Kendall Restaurant $125K

Miami Restaurant for sell, sell restaurants, restaurants for sell,   restaurant sales  brokers

Listing 350-475383

Location: Kendall - Miami

Seating: 40

Rent: +/- $ 3902

Sq ft: +/- 1200

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Venezuelan Restaurant $ 155K

Venta restaurant Venezolano, Venezuelan Restaurant for sale. Sell a restaurant, buy a restaurant

Listing 350-217840

Location: West  Miami

Seating: 49

Rent: $ 4040

Sq ft: +/- 1200

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Full Service Restaurant $ 175K

Restaurant for Sale in Hollywood. Sell My Restaurant, Florida Restaurant Brokers. Sell a restaurant.

Listing 350-522260

Location: Hollywood

Seating: 85

Rent: $ 6516

Sq ft: +/- 2000

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Burgers and Beer $ 140K

Restaurant for Sale , Sell a Restaurants in Miami, Sell a Restaurant, Buy sell restaurants

.Listing 649750

Location: Hialeah-Miami Lakes

Seating: 100

Rent: 6371

Sq ft: +/- 2239

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Italian Restaurant $ 400K


Listing 350-228818

Location: N.Miami

Seating: 50

Rent: $ 5866

Sq ft: +/- 2000

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Restaurants, Bars, Pizzerias, Cafe for Sale

NightClub & Liquor Store $ 650K

We Sell nightclubs, Nightclub for sale. sell my nightclub in Miami, florida nightclubs for sale

Listing 350-973296

Location: Miami

Rent: +/- $ 13890

Sq ft:+/-  7000

Nightclub info

Italian Restaurant Pizzeria $ 175K

Italian Restaurant for sell, sell restaurants, restaurants for sell,   restaurant sales  brokers

Listing 350-541700

Location: South  Miami

Seating: Call

Rent +/-: $ 4816

Sq ft: +/- 1890

Lots of Take out and Deliveries 

Pizzeria info

Restaurant Grill $ 112K

sell restaurants, Miami sell restaurants, restaurant for sale, we sell companies, restaurants broker

Listing 350-374757

Location: Miami Beach

Seating: 10

Rent: $ 3975

Sq ft: +/- 2200

Restaurant Info

NMiami Restaurant $ 115K

Restaurant for sell

Listing 350-639872

Location: North Miami

Seating: 25

Rent: $ 3295

Sq ft: +/- 750

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Frozen Yogurt $ 50K

We Sell Companies,  sell frozen yogurt, sell my business, sell my restaurant, restaurant broker

Listing 350-575617

Location: Coral Gables

Seating: 10

Rent: $ 4700

Sq ft: +/- 1000

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Latin Restaurant Cafeteria $ 850K

buy a restaurant, sell a restaurant in Miami, sell restaurants,  restaurants, restaurants for sale

Listing 350-904570

Location: Miami

Seating: 108

Rent: +/- $ 15005

Sq ft: +/- 4400

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Restaurants for Sale in Miami

Sub Shop Kendall $ 115K

Sell Restaurants, we sell companies.  sell a restaurant, buy a restaurant , restaurant broker

Listing 350-212048

Location: Kendall Miami

Capacity : 12

Rent: $ 2740

Sq ft: +/- 998

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Doral Sushi Restaurant $340 K


Listing 350-421419

Location: Doral

Rent +/-: $ 6500

Sq ft: +/- 1500

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Doral Bubble Tea-Rest $ 185K

Doral Bubble Tea Restaurant and Lounge. Doral Restaurant for sale. sell a restaurant 786 290 1091

Listing 350-468074


Seating: 10

Rent: $ 3340

Sq ft: +/- 894

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Ice Cream & Café $50K

Ice Cream Shop for Sale. Sell a business, sell my Ice cream shop. café for sale, restaurant brokers

Listing 350-953961

Location: Plantation

Seating: 45

Rent: $ 5432

Sq ft: +/- 1100

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Doral Restaurant $ 75K

Doral Restaurant for SALE 786 290 1091

.Listing: 350-139164

Location: Doral


Rent: $ 5476

Sq ft: +/- 1050

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Liquor License Dade

Liquor Licesne for Sale

Listing 4COP Dade Liquor License

Dade  & Broward County

Price: Market Price

We locate a license 

Call 786 290 1091

Commercal Kitchen, Food Manufacture, Restaurants

Pasta Manufacture Retail $ 685K

Pasta manufacture and retail,  wholesale pasta manufacture, sell my company, we sell companies

Listing 350-758007

 Location : Miami

Rent:  +/-$ 4000

Sq ft: +/- 1300

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Bakery Production facility $ 85K

We Sell Bakeries, Wholesale  bakery for sale, sell a bakery, 786 290 1091, sell my bakery,

Listing 350-144251

Location: Miami

Rent +/-: $ 1650

Sq ft: +/- 1550

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Listing SOLD

Location: North Miami

Sq ft: +/- 7000

Full Kitchen


Poke Restaurant $150K

poke restaurant for sale in miami, sell a restaurant, buy a restaurant, restaurant broker

Listing 350-616627

Location: Coral Gables

Rent: $ 4148

Sq ft: +/- 1142

Seating: 35

Restaurant info

Lincoln Road Restaurant $540K

Lincoln Road Restaurant for Sale, Sell a Restaurant, Buy a restaurant, Miami Restaurant

LocationLincoln Road

Seating: 76 plus Sidewoalk

Rent: $ 52000

Sq ft: +/-  3200 Inside & outside

Restaurant info

Restaurant Parrilla $150 K

We Sell Companies, Restaurant for sale, sell a restaurant,  sell my restaurant, restaurant broker

Listing 350-410768

Location: Coconut Creek

Seating: 40

Rent: $ 3190

Sq ft: +/- 1300

Restaurant INFO

Restaurants for Sale in Miami and Broward

Restaurant Business for Sale in Miami, sell my business, Restaurant for sell, Venta de restaurante e

Hialeah Peruvian Restaurant $ 95.000

Listing 350-777025

Location: Hialeah

Rent:  +/- $ 2140

Sq ft:  +/- : 1000

Restaurant sales info
Sell a restaurant

Coral Way Restaurant for Sale $100.000

Listing 350-93590

Location: Miami-Coral Way

Seating: 28 plus Terrace 

Sold as " sale of assets "

Rent: $5879

SqFt: 1500

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Restaurant for sell, sell restaurants, restaurants for sell,  restaurant sales  , sell Restaurants

Restaurant Dominicano $ 375.000

Listing 350-118967

Locati Kendall Miami

Seating: 77

Rent: $ 5300

Sq ft: 2780

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Restaurants for Sale in Miami

Creperie business for sale in miami. restaurants for sale, business for sale , sella restaurant .

Crepes & Café $ 150.000

Listing 350-837728


Seating; Outside Patio

Rent: +/- $ 10200

Sq ft: +/- 871

 Next to Movie Theater

Crepe Info
We Sell Companies, Restaurant Bar for sell, sell a restaurant, Restaurant sales brokers, sell a bar

American Restaurant $ 265.000

Listing 350-338676

Location: Miami Springs

Seating: 80

Rent: +/- : 6955

sqft: +/- 5000

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South Beach Bar for sale, Sell a restaurant, buy a restaurant , Restaurants for sale in miami

Bar Drinking Room S Beach $ 500K

Listing 350-904951

Location: South Beach

Seating: 70

Rent: +/- $ 11306

Sq ft: +/- 2300

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Miami Restaurants for Sale

Sell Restaurants, we sell companies.  sell a restaurant, buy a restaurant , restaurant broker

Winery & Restaurant $ 200.000

Listing 350-230540

Location: Miami-The Roads

Seating: 20 &terrace

Rent: $ 10.857

Sq ft: 2000

License: Beer & Wine * Full Kitchen

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We Sell Pizzarias

North Miami Pizzeria $100.000

Listing 350-94672

Location: North Miami Beach

Seating:+/-  26

Rent: +/- $ 1800

SqFt:+/-  880

License: Beer and Wine

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Sell a pizzeria. Pizzeria for sale in Miami.
Florida restaurant brokers

Doral Pizzeria & Take out $ 125.000

Listing SOLD 

Location~ Doral

Seating: +/- 45

Rent: +/- $ 4034

Sq ft: +/- 1410


Miami Pizzerias-Restaurants for Sale

little caesars pizza for sale, sell a pizzeria, we sell pizzerias, sell a pizzeria, buy a pizzeria

Little Caesars Franchise $ 400K

Listing 350-454117

Location: Miami

Seating: Take out and delivery

Rent: $ 6062

Sq ft:+/- 1300

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Restaurant for Sale in Doral , sell a restaurant, 786 290 1091, sale a restaurant, restaurants for s

Mediterranean Restaurant $ 260K

Listing 350-281082

Location: Doral

Seating: 62

Rent:+/-  $ 5825

SqFt:+/- 1750

Covered Terrace 

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Italian Restaurant for sale $ 125.000

Listing 350-911148

Location: Hallandale

Seating: 56

Rent: $ 4322

Sq ft: 1200

Restaurant Info

Restaurants for Sale

Weston Restaurant for Sale, Sell a restaurant, buy a restaurant in Weston,Restaurant broker


Listing : 350-976114

Location: Weston

Seating Capacity: +/-197

Full Kitchen+2BARS

Rent: $ 32310

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French BISTRO Restaurant   $ 295K

Listing 350-816453

Location: North Miami

Seating: 49

Rent: $ 3750

SqFt: 1070

License: 2COP Beer & Wine License

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French Restaurant for Sale. Restaurant for Sale, Sell a Restaurant, Sell a Restaurant in florida.

Mediterranean Restaurant $ 125 K

Listing 548756



Sales: Sold as "asset sale"

Rent: $3400

Sq ft: +/- 1000

Restaurant info

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